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Japan is one of the great power nation for Onsen, or hot springs !

You can choose from a variety of types, such as outdoor baths, inbdoor baths, private baths, baths with swimwear...
Depending on the spring, different minerals are dissolved in the water, giving it different health benefits, colors and smells.

Tour Name Character Sample price
1-Day excursion There are a lot of hot springs within 100 km of Tokyo, such as Takaragawa-Onsen and Hakone-Onsen.
Hotel-pickup and transfer to hot spring with private mini van.
9,800 yen per person
1Night-2Days Your experience of staying Japanese-style-inn, Ryokan with Hot Spring, would be forgettable.
Rooms with private hot-spring-bath are available.
17,800 yen per person
2Nights-3Days in Ski Resort Most of Ski Area have Onsen due to volcanic landform such as Hokkaido, Nagano or Niigata.
Viewing snow from outdoor hot-spring-bath is memorable experience.
including round-ticket of public transportation(train or bus), hotel or Ryokan at Ski Resort
24,000 yen per person

Recommended Hot Springs



The world class large capacity open spa is located in Gumma, 160km from Tokyo.
Here has 3 baths for both gender and 1 bath for women.
It is prohibited to wear bathing suit but women can enter with towels on.



From ancient times, Hakone has been known as its quality and quantity of hot springs.
Hakone is located only 90km from Tokyo so that you can enjoy 1-day trip with Mt.Fuji viewing or 1-nigth onerstaying Ryokan, Japanese-style-inn in Hakone.



If you would like to visit hideaway Onsen area, please contact us.
We know several non-touristic hot spring places such as Takayama, which has scenic villages.



The island of Hokkaidō is located at the north end of Japan, near Russia.
The center of the island has a number of mountains and volcanic plateaus, you can enjoy snow activities and hot-spring together.

rental Yukata

Tokyo/Onsen Monogatari

Even if you do not have enough time for excursion from Tokyo, you can enjoy Onsen in the midst of Tokyo!
Here can be called Onsen Theme Park with real hot spring.
A foot bath set in a large Japanese-style garden, and plenty of other bathing facilities and also a re-creation of a traditional street from the days when Tokyo was called Edo to offer visitors an authentic onsen experience that is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip to Tokyo. Entrans fee includes rental Yukata, Japanese wear.