From Hiroshima

Optional Tours

All tours can be customized and extended as per requirements.

Japan Tours

Japan 20days
Japan 15days
Japan 12days
Japan 8days
Tokyo, Hakone(Mt.Fuji), Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka
Japan 6days
Tokyo, Kyoto

Hiroshima City Tours

1 day Hiroshima
1 day sightseeing in Hiroshima
4hour Hiroshima
Half day sightseeing in Hiroshima
Helicopter Cruise
Experience the impressive aerial cruise !

Mt.fuji Tours

Daytrip to Mt.Fuji
1 day trip from Hiroshima
Mt.Fuji 2days
1 night at Hakone Onsen, Hot-spring Ryokan and Mt.Fuji
Mt.Fuji Climbing
2 days for climbing Mt.Fuji
Mt.Fuji Family
Amusement park for Kids, outlet shopping for female with view of Mt.Fuji !

Bullet Train Tours (Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Tokyo)

Tokyo 2-Days
included guided tour in Tokyo
Tokyo 3-Days
inluded guided tour and 1-day free in Tokyo
All Incl. Tokyo
guided tours, meals, culture experience...all inclusive tour for Tokyo
Luxury Tokyo
Spend your vacation in Tokyo with high class service.
Kyoto 1-Day
1-day excursion to Kyoto, World Heritage Site, from Hiroshima
Osaka 1-Day
1-day excursion to Osaka from Hiroshima
Nara 1-Day
1-day excursion to Nara, World Heritage Site, from Kyoto or Osaka area
Kyoto 2-Days
2-days excursion to Kyoto area