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Best Beaches in Japan


We can offer from luxury tours with English speaking guide to economy tours with transportation and hotel only.

Japan is consist of a lot of islands with one of the most clear beaches in the world.
You can enjoy beautiful beaches throughout a year !

Beach Area Remarks Sample price
Okinawa Round air-ticket of Tokyo/Haneda-Okinawa/Naha
Hotel in Naha or Beach Resorts
50,000 yen per person
Ogasawara/Bonin Islands Round ship-ticket of Tokyo-Father Island/Ogasawara
Hotel or Minshuku(Japanese style Inn) in Father Island
from 75,000 yen per person
Tour Escorted Beaches Historical Spot in Okinawa
English-speaking Guide on the spot or Tour Escort through the tour is available.
2 hours for 6000 yen plus expenses

Best Beaches in Japan



Okinawa is one of Japan's southern prefectures, and consists of hundreds of the Ryukyu Islands in a chain over 1,000 km long, which extends southwest to Taiwan.


Ogasawara/Bonin Islands

The Bonin Islands, known in Japan as the Ogasawara Group are an archipelago of over 30 subtropical and tropical islands, some 1,000 km directly south of Tokyo, Japan.
The only inhabited islands of the group are Chichi-jima (Father Island), and Haha-jima (Mother Island).